San Sebastian local fishing culture

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The San Sebastian fishmarket, once known as one of the best fresh fish markets in the Cantabrian Sea, where purse seiners unloaded daily and queued to sell their anchovies, boats from Cantabria, Asturias and more, fished and sold “the blue gold” that flooded our coasts in spring.

Things have changed a lot since the days of the autarchy, and inshore fishing has been increasingly diminished by the drowning of modern life. It is not being able to reconcile profitability with the sustainability of coastal resources through the usual channels of sale and has had to reinvent themselves in projects destined to lower extractive pressure.

At this point, is a leading company that has emerged from the reconversion of the fishing sector and has overturned the environment, culture and lifestyle of the Basque coastal fisherman. Respecting and studying resources in collaboration with various research centers, artisanal fishermen, aquatic centers and gastronomic researchers, thus opening the spectrum of the socioeconomic network that has our Cantabrian sea as a link.

“Keep living from the sea without having to overexploit your resources and show that you can really … is a real satisfaction”

Iñaki Alberdi Les.
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