“Alalunga” our nort Albacora

 In Slowfishing

Our albacore fishing excursions are led by our professional skipper, departing from the Donostia-San Sebastian dock, are aimed at experienced fishermen and in good physical shape, to be able to face a 10-hour day and a sunrise in the area fishing . The techniques used are basically trolling and spinning, although tuna jigging in recent years has gained strength in our waters as well, leaving us with beautiful catches at the end of the summer season.

A fishing that the Basque trawlers have practiced for centuries in the same way, demonstrating over time their sustainability and respect for the sea, which oribay.tours wants to offer its parcipants, combining the ancient tricks of our grandparents and new technologies. of the 21st century, in order to reach a more useful and accurate understanding of the marine environment.

The 2023 tuna season will begin in June and depending on the quotas caught, it can be stretched or shortened…..but without a doubt the bonito is the high-altitude fishery par excellence of our Cantabrian sea.

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