The professional career of Iñaki Alberdi Les, guide and the soul of this new project, had a sea change during a trip in the Mexican Pacific Ocean, when this son of Donosti had the opportunity to work closely with fishermen working along the coasts of the other side of the Atlantic. It was in those waters of inspiring beauty where Alberdi decided to steer his working life onto a different route, towards spreading knowledge about the sea, a subject of which he has vast experience. He understood that this is the moment to share the lessons he has learnt in life with the participants.

More than the journey itself, what matters the most is to travel together with someone who knows the element. In this sense, Iñaki Alberdi, with his prefect command of Basque, Spanish and English, is the ideal travelling companion as he is skilled and equipped with a vast marine knowledge and great communication ability. He is- a true expert in the field and passionate about his job, turning all activities you wish to do into reality.

Knowing the credentials of your guide and skipper can facilitate the decision on which route to take. In this respect, Alberdi’s life has always revolved around the sea. His backgound includes higher education in aquaculture and he is a professional diver as well as skipper of fishing and passenger boats.

A very long stretch of sea has passed under his keel, during the almost two decades of work related to this area, including the mastery of more or less advanced fishing techniques. He also trained as a technician in open sea cages and as quality assurance inspector in tuna species, among several other working activities. With this background, he has gained experience in how it is to work in the waters of Ireland, and the Canary Islands as well as the Mediterranean Sea.



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