Bottom fishing in San Sebastian, tradition hake

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Bottom fishing from a boat in San Sebastian has a long tradition, the old hake that filled our port for so many years, also called gunmen, were small inshore boats, dedicated to fishing with hooks that supplied the local market of the brecha.Edificio pescaderia. They worked mostly on greenbelt, brotola, hake, sea bream, sharks and tunids. The hard winters of the cantabrico, between temporary and temporary algae were collected from the bay of the shell for cosmetic use, in this way, it worked in different campaigns leaving the fishing grounds to rest.

The fishermen’s guild of the Donostia-San Sebastian coast closed its activity 5 years ago, the four remaining ships use the port of passage for their ice services, fish and fuel sales. The market of the breach reduced in more than 70% its fishmongers and recombirtio in a mall. A long fishing tradition that dissipates after the smoke of market pressure, globalization and the law of supply and demand. A reflection more, of how this artisanal fishing has been disappearing from our ports.

From we do not want to let this “anzuelera donostiarra” tradition escape, which is the seed from which our project emerged, starting from the respect for the species, their rhythms, their seasons, the optimal fat states, in short, rewarding the quality the amount and thus open a way of less fishing effort, thus preserving the resources for future generations. Our boat fishing outings want to transmit all this culture with the modern techniques of sport fishing from the boat, evoking that hake fishing with Such an emblematic rod from our inshore hook fleet.

Crew of the boat Guk working the longline (soka)

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