Slow fishing in San Sebastian, Spring jiging

 In Slowfishing

First day of fishing after 2 months of confinement and closure, we have not been able to resist practicing our preferred modality, slow jigging, direct to the hard stone, in search of the roughest predators of the bass.
In this case a “itsaskabra” or “scorpionfish” (scorpaena porcus) that aggressively bit at a slow drop at 26 fathoms deep, with hardly any current or drift. Our probe marked good shadows at the bottom but they did not want to bite until the sun was hidden in the west.
Gear used: slow mark 60g black and silver drop lure, 0.35 fluoro asari toe cap, 0.17 power pro braided stem to pen slamer reel and Hart’s absolute jigging rod.

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