In Slowfishing

Fishing for sea bass from a boat using different techniques with artificial trolling, spining and jigging is an exciting fishing, where the queen of the Cantabrian Sea, the she-wolf, is at all times the protagonist of this fishery. A precious but not easy challenge, where fishermen of different levels enjoy equally.
Anecdotes of good pieces, fine threads, compromised situations and creaking reels often flood the deck, preceding this fishery and bringing participants together in a more technical and challenging experience, but certainly more rewarding.
The sizes and the situation of the species, we are crying out for the utmost respect for these sea lions, increasingly scarce and with so much fishing pressure on them, given their high price in the market.
We from oribay will always promote the release of specimens both too young and developed females, encouraging fishing and release, with discounts on ordinary prices. A practice to which we always invite our participants.

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