Squid by hand and in its ink

 In Slowfishing

Although in our excursions we always enjoy the most sophisticated materials of the modern sport fishing from the boat, we do not forget the origins, the hand fishing of our “txipiron” of winter, is undoubtedly one of the most extended modalities in the Gipuzkoan coast , the eging of our grandparents that today still amazes us with excellent catches at this time of the year.

Squid fishing in San Sebastian has always been so frequent that small boats from local and neighboring shipyards get their name from it. The classic Basque “txipironeras”, boats without a bridge, with a high bow and good slopes, are perfect companions. for the coastal fishing of squid alone.

As it could not be otherwise, this fishing is linked to a local dish, which draws especially international attention. The “txipirones en su tinta” are one of the few black dishes that exist, thus being another culinary delicacy that attracts the eyes of curious “gourmets” in search of new sensations and flavors.

From oribay.tours we offer a local experience, direct and authentic, enjoy a product integrally, from the understanding of the ecosystem, the lure, the cut, the traditional preparation, marriage … in short, the gastronomic seafood culture that the old part San Sebastian comes off, outside the tourist circuits and with the comfort of a private tour with a local guide.

Boat trips are made from the pier of San Sebastian and the different species of cephalopods allow us to enjoy fishing days from boat all year round, as long as the weather permits.

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