Coastal fishing with lures from boat

 In Slowfishing

When I was a child going out with my Aitona Txomin to fish from the dock of Donostia-San Sebastian on the boat, the fishing methods that most caught my attention were, without a doubt, those made with decoys. ideal conditions, give a surprising result, both from boat and from land, the lures produced me another totally different sensation than fishing with bait.
On the boat We were always very aware of the paper probe, where you could see a bottom line and the shoal when it was exaggerated, without noticing, at all times, the birds or any fish jumping on the horizon.
In the winter with “aguarines” we caught the big Txipirones, summer with the “marutas” for the coastal lasmpos, in spring many verdeles with clean hooks and in the autumn the txitxarros and some seabass that another caceando with the gums, each time a species, a decoy and a thousand tricks. So, over the years, little by little, I was introduced to the world of artificial lures.

Since a few years ago with ori-bay and its “slowfishing”, we tried to tighten this philosophy of the lure and everything that implies the knowledge of the conditions. The new technologies provide us with more parameters and more and more options both for the knowledge of the terrain and for the recognition of the species on the screen and prediction of their behavior, the fishing electronics both professional and recreational in recent years has advanced very quickly.
In this particular case, in a gravel field near a stone with about three fathoms of altitude I attack this “lamote” (Pagellus erythrinus) fish slowjigging with the drop that appears in the photo.

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