Sport Fishing trips in the sea from San Sebastian (Jigging in the cantabric sea)

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Spring and autumn are the seasons of the year where we practice fishing from a vertical boat with leaded lures that we call jigs, a modality little used in our cantabrian sea, since it involves deep knowledge of underwater orography, interpretation of the sounding, times, currents and drifts, wrecks, loose rocks and other underwater secrets where the large pieces are found, the most precious in recreational fishing.

Seabass, big snappers, oysters, corbinas, pollack, perlones, san martines or dentex are some of the predators that we are looking for, the lords of rocky areas, gravel, sand and mud meadows will not hesitate to bite our lures if we do in the way and at the right time.
This technique has more and more followers in our Cantabrian sea, from Galicia to France you see good results when there is constancy, commitment and continuous learning of this fishing art that goes back to the ancient times of the South Pacific.

From we bet on this type of selective fishing, which is based on the knowledge of the environment, of the species and their habits, in order to understand each day more the sea.That is why it is important for us to go out to sea all the days, we have groups or not … if the meteorology allows it, we go out to sea!

( Zeus faber)

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