Fishing trips to conger ell by boat from Donostia-San Sebatian

 In Slowfishing

The large pieces in our cantabrian sea are not as usual as we would like, the overfishing of the pelagic trawl and the new fishing technologies dedicated to bottom trawling leave few refuges to the mud, sand and even pelagic fish. In the steep and hard rock , where these fishing gear can not fish is where our competitors are proliferating, although they do not have the prestige or the intelligence of the sea bass or the mistrust of the sea bream, they will always be hard to peel and will give us unforgettable moments.

The conger or sea eel, the only one of the sea fish that can swim or swim back, a true monster of the depths that will not give a second chance to the fisherman who dares to challenge him, both in the “baztar” and in ” big water “this sea snake will twist and turn until it faints and it will not make it easy for its opponent to embark it.

Departures with professional patron from the port of Donostia-San Sebastian, are made every day of the year that the weather permits, this type of conger fishing can be done all year though winter and spring are the most recommended times.

Being able to reach exorbitant weights, the record of our boat “ori-bay” with Iñaki Alberdi Les as fishing pattern is this beautiful specimen of 20 kl captured in the Pasaia-San Sebastian area.

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