Boat fishing at all levels, initiation. #Sansebastianfishingtrips

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Who does not remember the first good piece of our lives?

If you ask any fisherman about the first good piece of his life, he will soon answer us … it is something that sets us on fire and boosts every time we wake up for a new day of fishing. Whether in freshwater, saltwater or brackish, swamp, river or sea … that first piece is the trigger of the so-called “fishing fever”

The recommended age for this initiation fishing from the boat, which we made at oribay.tous, would be between 8 and 14 years old, of course, this is especially advised by a professional fishing master who will not only catch the fish on the day of departure, not to something more important, the understanding of the basic concepts of marine biology, which, without doubt, is the sharpest weapon of the good fisherman.

In this exit we practice two types of fishing, one in motion, the trolling, and another in depth, both with lures and bait, to see the different species and modalities that will be related to the time of the activity.

Private fishing trips are made from the pier of San Sebastian and is always recommended the first hours of the day or the last, that is, sunrise and sunset, which is when there is more activity, those changes of light, will make our lures go more Unnoticed among the predators we seek.

Because of the great didactic content and the beautiful memories it leaves, this is one of our star excursions, which was specially designed and designed for the kids.

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