Pelagic crab, polybius henslowi, a sign of health for our seas

 In Ekoturism

To measure the health of our seas we rely on the marine fauna and flora of the area.

This year there is a relatively good expectation, the recovery of the Anxoa with its good catch by the fleet of older crafts and the abundance of mackerel give us a little hope for the complete recovery of the Gulf of Bizkaia.

This added to the arrival at coast of great quantity of pelagic crabs, that although in its winter time they were costly to see by the sea bass fleet, already in spring they have been approaching to their lands and the catches have been fruitful in the habitual fishing grounds. These Last few days have been found large stains of them in juvenile state, which together with the small anchovy found in the canteen, makes us think that this will be a year full of cetaceans, tunidos and pelagic fish of good size.

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